Our Story

In the beginning…Once upon a time…In a far-off kingdom….or A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY!  These are all great openers of stories with beautiful messages to inspire and teach us. Let me just say our story is quite simple: it’s the belief that life is a great teacher and finding the “JOY” in this JOurneY is the best inspiration along the way.  

Meet D.A.S.H., the bear that represents an amazing man who was the rock of our family.  He loved us unconditionally. Always making sure we were taken care of and happy. He had a passion for working with his hands and loved woodworking.  In 2016 he jumped on the magic bus and headed for heaven after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer.  

We were together over 30 years and shared a blessed life raising 2 beautiful daughters.  His dream was to be a carpenter and have a workshop; a place to build and create.  His favorite color was Blue and his favorite flowers were Daisies and wa-lah! The Blue Daisy, LLC was born in honor of his dreams and aspirations. 

Our mission today is to provide a place where family and friends can come together and find a little “JOY” in their life journey.  The workshop classes are more than making a project, it’s making fun memories that will last forever. 

Thank you for visiting and we hope you find your JOY too.


In Loving Memory 

David P Fredrick – “I Amuse Me!”