Here are our different project options. Each project, no matter the size, is as unique as the person creating it. We will work with you to create a custom design, you will distress the materials, stain the wood, choose the colors, and enjoy the creative process.

Wood Chip

This little project is the ideal size for kids. A single 12" board, fully customizable, made by you, in a workshop event or as part of an offered class session.

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A single board project. Ideal for emerging artists. Two different "log" formats - the under 24" category and the up to 36" category.

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$35 (under 24"), $45 (up to 36")


The perfect project to customize; our most popular projects.
Three to five board project is our standard workshop size offering. Total size between 12" x 14" to 16" x 20"

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The "Tree" project is for those artistic types with a true vision for their creation. This fully customizable project has a full range of size possibilities, 3D embellishments and premium accessories only limited by your imagination.

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$55+ (pricing varies based on size and accessories)